The New "Faux" is…

Modern, subtle, gestural, tonal, and on a larger scale (not so many busy little markings).

I am noticing this effect everywhere (design magazines, trend forecasts, catalogs, advertising, etc.)…

It mimics the look of old plaster walls. Could be venetian plaster or a number of distressed faux finish techniques. To be honest, I would probably wing it with a large sponge, water for blending, and a few shades of paint. Many ways to get there, right?

I like the look and feel it’s a reflection of the natural, hand-made, green, recycled, “of the earth” trend in design. Everything seems to bear this artisan, imperfect quality.

Clients are interested in wall finishes again as well. Sherwin Williams and Ralph Lauren have some pleasing versions. I was captivated by the beauty of Sherwin Williams finish display at their 2012 trend forecast.

 A little”faux” magic goes a long way. Are you ready to explore wall effects again? Or still haunted by forest green sponging (Believe it or not, I’m still helping people cover that up!)? ha ha

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(thank you and West Elm for the images)


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