Is Neon Contagious?

The future is looking very BRIGHT my friends.

This week I’ve been absorbing like a sponge. Between gazing at fashion week recaps and viewing Benjamin Moore’s color trend forecast, Color Pulse 2012, I’m filled to the brim with luscious color.

You know I’m a “tone it down” kind of girl, but at the moment I’m ready to let it rip with the best of the peacocks.

Color is exploding in design, decor, art, and fashion. There were so many bright hues included in the Color Pulse presentation (I’ll elaborate in a future post), it was difficult to keep focus on the forerunners.

Fashion runways are oozing with blinding shades of red/orange, orange, yellow, green, and violet to name a few.

Speaking of which, I was completely captivated by this collection of photos from Vogue entitled, New York Street Style Fall 2012.

Can you imagine how these photos might translate into an amazing interior palette?

Something like this…

Had to have my own piece of the pie…

Watch out clients, here I come :)

Need a little of this in your interior? Contact me anytime.


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