The Violet/Gold Color Combo & it’s Unique Following.

Over the past several years, I’ve been delighted to assist a diverse range of clientele throughout the country. I’m fascinated by people and their unique characteristics and how this translates into the home. As you can imagine, you see certain color preferences repeat themselves.

What I see most often are; people who love warm color, people who love cool color, people opposed to gray, people who love gray, people who love green & blue/green, people who love subtle neutrals, and the renegades who love bold color. Most people fall into one of these categories. But there is a small, unique group that go for the violet & gold shades. In my experience, they are the minority, unafraid to step away from the norm a bit. As a designer, you’ve got to love the spirit :)

I’m currently working with a client who likes this combo. After completing a paint overhaul (hope to share pictures, it turned out well), we are working on art & accents for a den painted a gold-toned neutral. We are considering this poster (…

And throw pillows in an array of color like this (Crate & Barrel)…

In the design process, I found a few inspiring rooms…

I love the subtlety! A touch of color here and there tempered by white, tan, and camel. The neutrals give this beautiful color room to breathe.

Sure feels like Spring! Fresh, happy and a little royal. What do you think?

(thank you House Beautiful, Real Simple, and House Beautiful, for the photos)


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