Trend Alert: Black & Gold.

It’s funny, this weekend I considered writing a post entitled, “5 things that kill your look” :) #1 on the list, old brass trim and fixtures. Nothing new, I’ve purged this issue before, see post. I still feel the same way…

Though perhaps the universe is insisting I open my mind to reinvention, because from this thought forward, I SAW NOTHING BUT BRASS (and it’s pairing with black) for the remainder of the weekend.

I was browsing at a local H&M, which was literally glowing with brass jewelry, next I tuned in to the Grammy’s and noticed a more than ironic number of girls dressed in gold and black. I thought Taylor Swift’s version was the best!

Come to think of it, I’ve seen some beautiful black and gold room designs lately…

It’s a powerful, edgy combination that I admit to being a little fascinated by. There’s sort of a mysterious Egyptian quality I would be willing to explore further…

Could you live in a black & gold world?

(thank you,,, for the images)


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