What can Color Zen online consulting do for you?

The online consulting (paint color & design) portion of my business has been growing rapidly. What a pleasure it is to read your emails, discuss design dillemas, offer solutions, and help you create beautiful spaces!

California, New York, Florida, Texas, Chicago… Never thought I would experience such rich variety in job location. Although the details vary, my working routine is always the same. Listen, listen, listen to what you really want. Carefully study your photos. Think about other elements in the room and adjoining rooms. Consider your climate, lighting, and regional color trends. Develop a sense of your personal style. And then, go for it!

I have developed great relationships with clients who returned with additional projects, even designers who deal with all aspects of design but may not favor the paint color portion.

I say, bring it on! I sincerely love the work.

For additional information on online consulting, visit the tab on the right hand column of the blog, (here is the link). I am currently reevaluating payment options, so if you’re not sure how your project fits in, feel free to contact me (Jessamy) any time at j@paintbycolorzen.com or 414.303.7200.

And if you would like to peak at some real client examples, here are a collection of links to previous posts.

Kaysie’s House
Karen’s House
Elisha’s House
Stephanie’s Room
Michelle’s House
Peggy’s House
Sarah’s House
California Couple’s House
Sue’s House

Have a great week readers!

(thank you BHG for the photo, check out the other lovely palettes here)


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