Thank you House Beautiful for making my day!

You know the article you crash into, maybe once a year or so, that gets you so good you feel like you wrote it? I just read one and must share…

 “The designer (Pat Healing), one of the founders of interior design firm HB Home, shares how she brought color and contrast into one family’s home.” Check it out here.

Why do I love this so? Probably because I live this scenario, I love the optimistic spin, the happy ending, and all the advice in between. Let me share my 3 favorite points (otherwise we will be here all day :) –

1. I get a first-impression vibe, which I totally trust, and I said to my clients, “I’ve never seen such a mismatch of interiors to the personality of the homeowners in my life.””

Yes! The vibe… One of the most important design sensibilities you either possess or you don’t. Sometimes I try to fight my own gut instinct for different reasons and this almost always backfires. Good natural instinct is where a designer’s value lies. As a homeowner (myself included), you loose the ability to judge your own space objectively and appreciate it’s redesign potential.

2. “But we took a daring approach to color in a conservative way. If you know you’re going to use purple and turquoise and chartreuse, as we did in the living room, you have to use a lot of white. You need that pale contrast — you have to give the eye a place to rest. Once you have a white base you can work out any combination of colors you want.”

A neutral foundation really allows bright color to shine. When I’m working with clients who are hell bent on bright color, I sometimes feel pressure to offer dramatic paint color solutions. This is probably because paint is a quick fix. Often, the other elements in the room are the real issue. BALANCE is key.

3. “The main objective is to feel good in a room. Whether I’m using gray, red, or orange, I want to achieve the same thing: crisp freshness, without a heavy hand. Soothing, not jarring. Colorful to the point where you won’t get weary of it. I use color because to do that creates happiness. I really believe that. I love color. Nothing makes me happier than a box of crayons. And I think what color did for this house is nothing short of miraculous.”

 “Soothing, not jarring”, I should have that wonderful phrase embroidered on my briefcase, ha ha. Thank you House Beautiful and hope you have all been inspired.


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