Happy Holidays Giveaway!

As a thank you to all of you, who keep the engine running over here and allow me to do what I love; readers of the blog, those who write with questions, clients who hire me to color and decorate their homes, I would like to offer an exciting  H O L I D A Y  G I V E A W A Y .

Here’s the scoop-

I’m offering a 1 room consultation, to a faithful reader who is struggling with paint color selection or issues coordinating furniture, wall color, and decor, etc… Email me (Jessamy) at j@paintbycolorzen.com and include a somewhat brief description of your design dilemma, a few good photos of your room, and the style you are hoping to achieve.

I will sort through the submissions and choose 1 (or maybe even 2 :) lucky winners. Your story, photo and my suggestions will be posted on the blog shortly after the New Year.

Hoping to get some interesting material. Have fun and stay tuned!

(thank you BHG for the photo)


Good flow.

You know… the longer I do color consulting, the more I realize, what I’m really trying to help you achieve is a good sense of flooooow. Good flow is priceless and I feel awfully passionate about the matter.

Perhaps this is why I always feel the job is much bigger than paint selection.

First, there are wise paint color choices, then there is everything else. The way your house feels, the way rooms connect, lighting, your sense of style, furniture, objects you’re looking to replace, meaningful belongings, purpose of rooms, coordination of surface materials.

Clients often struggle with the overall picture. It’s easy to get caught up in the flavor of the moment when out shopping for a room. But this leaves you with good and bad moments.

And wouldn’t it be nice to love it all, in a tastefully coordinated sort of way.

Seeing the big picture. Do you need to ditch half of your belongings? Probably not. There are many things you can do. Small efforts. Here are a few ideas-

1. Endless designers suggest staying neutral when it comes to big design choices. I completely agree. Flooring, sofas, tile, and surface materials. This is a big one!

2. Choose one neutral paint color to anchor your home. Repeat throughout.

3. Keep all trim (and most of the ceilings) consistent.

4. Pick two accent colors (that you really love). Repeat throughout.

5. Keep fixtures and lighting somewhat consistent in style and scale.

6. Clear out small cluttery decor and replace with a few large scale dynamos :)

7. Take time to consider the style you want to reflect before jumping into purchasing.

8. Try to relate furnishings with the style and scale of your home.

And if you need HELP? I would love to assist. Track me down.

(thank you Mark Williams Design Associates for the beautiful photos)