Setting the table for Thanksgiving.

I had Thanksgiving once… it was A LOT of work :) I cooked for days! The menu: rolled turkey with stuffing, wild rice with cranberries, creamy mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans (highly recommend), cranberry/orange relish, etc. My mother started suspecting pregnancy after I “became ill” from mincing ginger (8am), ha ha. My son would come the next year, but I guess it was too early for all that jazz in the kitchen!

Anyway, be thankful for the kind relative putting on a fantastic spread for you. In our case, my aunt and uncle, can’t wait for a great meal!

In the meantime, I’m admiring some festive table settings. Creating the tablescape is my favorite part of holiday preparation. Maybe next year… I like to dig through our closets and yard for just the right selection of things. You would be amazed at what you can do with objects and fabric at hand…

And I must mention, the “Thanksgiving” palette as displayed by the images, would inspire a lovely array of paint shades for your home. The Benjamin Moore affinity line comes to mind- something like this… soleil, tumeric, honeymoon, oat straw, etruscan, satchel, elk horn, caponata.

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.

(thank you HGTV, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Neil Alan Designs, and Martha Stewart for the images)


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