Seeing Red…

… Blue, Green, and a beautiful selection of Neutrals as presented by Sherwin Williams at the COLORMIX 2012 live presentation. My own personal haven.

I love the fact that employees of the company are paid to travel the world seeking global color trends that relate to all levels of design- from art, fashion, furniture, to paint colors.

And today I admit, I am a lover of trends. Some will wince, spit, roll over, accuse me of not being a “true” color connoisseur, ha ha, but I have one question for you- would you hire a designer who appeared wildly out of style and disengaged with the world? Didn’t think so :)

See, there’s something to staying current. This does not mean I talk you into the color of the moment. Nope, it’s always about what works in your space. But I truly believe worldly influences are important, interesting, and relevant to design always.

So without further ado, I would like to share with you the highlights of this presentation. The BIG colors headed down the pipeline and where they come from. I thought sharing my actual notes as scribbled in a dark room would be more interesting than paragraphs, so here goes…

And I promise, you will see these colors emerge! I’m already noticing them in retail.

• All colors are inspired by Earth and the global shift towards sustainability (which is here to stay).
• texture is the “new bling” :)


• 1st color used in cave paintings
• hardest pigment to make
• full range of shades from orange/red to red/violet
• haven’t seen red this prominent since the 1980’s
• a symbol of spirituality
• red hair
• inspiration from the human circulatory system


• major inspirations- water and denim (fabric of the American worker)
• lack of water on Earth has water on our minds
• floating home developments in response to rising ocean levels
• tons of blue on the runways
• blue and white are huge in dinnerware
• azure, cobalt, cerulean


• color of nourishment
• original meaning- to grow
• seaweed, algae and moss are an important inspiration as we consider them as alternate energy sources.
• aerial views of Earth and it’s shades of green.
• moving away from the ever popular yellow/green to a true green
• olive green in interiors and on the runway


• natural linen
• wheat, khaki, cream, porcelain, weathered wood, earthy clay
• from cool gray to warm gray
• stone and sand
• gray, beige, taupe and ochre

So interesting! View the video clips here… Happy Monday readers.

(thank you Clido Meireles for Tate Modern, Real Simple, Martha Stewart, and for the images)


Setting the table for Thanksgiving.

I had Thanksgiving once… it was A LOT of work :) I cooked for days! The menu: rolled turkey with stuffing, wild rice with cranberries, creamy mashed potatoes, sauteed green beans (highly recommend), cranberry/orange relish, etc. My mother started suspecting pregnancy after I “became ill” from mincing ginger (8am), ha ha. My son would come the next year, but I guess it was too early for all that jazz in the kitchen!

Anyway, be thankful for the kind relative putting on a fantastic spread for you. In our case, my aunt and uncle, can’t wait for a great meal!

In the meantime, I’m admiring some festive table settings. Creating the tablescape is my favorite part of holiday preparation. Maybe next year… I like to dig through our closets and yard for just the right selection of things. You would be amazed at what you can do with objects and fabric at hand…

And I must mention, the “Thanksgiving” palette as displayed by the images, would inspire a lovely array of paint shades for your home. The Benjamin Moore affinity line comes to mind- something like this… soleil, tumeric, honeymoon, oat straw, etruscan, satchel, elk horn, caponata.

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family.

(thank you HGTV, Martha Stewart, Real Simple, Neil Alan Designs, and Martha Stewart for the images)

The Gift of Color *

Do you have a friend or family member struggling with paint colors? Lack of flow in the home?

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I help local and national clients with a wide range of interior and exterior color dilemmas. From paint colors and coordination of surface materials to event color palettes, I love to assist.

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(thank you David Stark and Martha Stewart for the images)