Transported… by a pillow?

Take me there please…

Recently, I was helping a client color the walls of her new condo. A bright, new construction with a lovely tree view. She mentioned she was interested in a West Indies design style. I thought, that’s refreshing, no one has asked for that before? Can you picture the look?

We chatted about color options, and she gave me a general idea of her likes, but was very open to suggestions. We came up with a palette full of caramels, olives, browns, and this fabulous, dark shade of plum/brown (Benjamin Moore bison brown). I just had a feeling it would turn out well. Clients who let go of the fear (too dark, too light, too bold…) and allow the process to flow, get the best result hands down. It was a real joy!

After the appointment, I went in search of accents to help pull the new color scheme/look together. You sort of meander from one source to the next, and in the process I landed upon these pillows from Koko Company

I would like to put this one here…

And this one here…

I thought they loosely fit the design style. A little (okay, a lot) pricey at around $100 a piece… but sometimes a single, bold accessory can make the entire room. I’ve seen this happen with a simple vase of flowers for example.

I would go for it, would you?

(thank you Four Seasons Resort Nevis, Orient Express, Road To Mandalay, India Hicks/Domino, Koko Company (pillows), Urban Outfitters (Luc Sofa), and Room & Board (Selby Leather Sofa) for the photos)


Magically Multicolored.

LOVE button, click click click. A quick note and a little eye-candy for you today…

I stumbled across this bench and it’s sweet tale- it put a smile on my face. The array of color is so beautiful and most of all I admire the lighthearted attitude.

Why don’t we let ourselves run with color like we did when we were children? I know my 4 year old would give this paint job a double thumbs-up. :) Read the story here- Even the paint colors are included!

I think we all need a little slice of this in our lives, to hell with the rules.

Have some fun, cheers readers!

Fall Color * 2011.

I went for a walk the other night, on a beautiful evening, and much to my delight the air was scented with falling leaves, apple trees, and bonfires.

Fall is here.

I feel most creatively inspired at this time. The back to school season pushes you forward from the laid-back summer attitude to a more serious/productive mindset. When I worked in advertising, Fall always entailed a frenzy of new campaigns. It’s the big runway time in fashion. New beginnings, fresh ideas, and time for Color Zen to churn out 5 fabulous hues for the Fall Color post. Woo hoo!

In late summer I start thinking about this post… watching color forecasts (here’s an example from Pantone), watching runway shows, checking out Fall retail lines, but mostly relying on gut instinct. What do I want to be surrounded by and what do I want to wear!

This year I’m feeling global, organic, artisanal, earthly, fiery influences. Color with warmth and richness. Comfortable, cozy, livable, wearable. Hues that remind me of Indian tapestry, Moroccan throw pillows, hand spun pottery, and wool sweaters.

Let’s roll…

1. Olive Green. Obsessed– even bought the eye shadow :) Love it on the walls, feels very modern. Complements many accent and wood colors. Try Benjamin Moore hiking path 524 or providence olive HC-98.

2. Taupe. The perfect mix of brown and gray. Currently loving it mixed with camel tones (or any of the colors within this fabulous photo by Martha- Martha knows color). Try Benjamin Moore fairview taupe HC-85 or kingsport gray HC-86.

3. Plum. Otherwise known as red/violet. Could be an accent wall or accessory color. Plays well with wood. Makes people look good. Try Benjamin Moore bordeaux red 1365 or dark walnut 1358.

4. Ochre. Can’t get enough of this hue paired with gray! Sunny with a cool breeze. A touch of white and brown temper the gold. Try Benjamin Moore princeton gold HC-14 or summerdale gold HC-17.

5. Garnet. A slightly burnt red that almost leans orange. Pairs well with spice tones. For the feisty, firecracker client :) Try Benjamin Moore sweet rosy brown 1302 or spanish red 1301.

Readers, enjoy your season, hope you like the picks! If you would like to look back on last year’s colors, here’s a link.

(Thank you Martha Stewart, Martha Stewart, Domino, West Elm, and Ingrid Pullar for the New York Times for the photos)