Stunning Wall Moments.

You see it, you feel it, you know it, and you want a slice of it in your own home.

Stunning Wall Moments. When paint colors and the ideal piece of artwork combine perfectly in the right space. Add a few accessories and you have design perfection.

How do we get there? Well, that’s the hard part (I can help). Sometimes it’s a slow, painful process requiring hard work, inspiration, patience, luck… Once in a while things just magically come together.

I don’t know about you but I learn a lot from admiring other’s work. When I see something really beautiful it fuels my fire. These are examples filed in my “Holy Grail” folder :)

Can you see why? It doesn’t even take much, or a huge budget. The world is your canvas, ha ha- now get creating!

(Thank you Martha Stewart, Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Martha Stewart, and Design Sponge for the photos)


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