When Beige IS Beautiful.

Beige gets a bad rap these days. Boring, so 5 years ago, over-it, on to gray, etc… But much like any other color in the spectrum, it’s all in the way you incorporate. As soon as I saw this spread in House Beautiful, I tore it out thinking, what incredibly beautiful design, soothing and understated. Monochromatic with just enough dynamic moments to keep you coming back…

The designer is Benjamin Dhong and I thought he had some interesting things to say regarding the use of white. “When I work with a monochromatic palette, I layer all those quiet neutrals to the point where the room is starving for color. Then you give it a little bit of white and it’s such a relief; the effect of the white is heightened. But it’s not overwhelming, so the mood stays serene.”

I’m a HUGE fan of white used this way. The contrast between a mid-toned paint color and white trim or accents has this lighthearted, clean, sophisticated appeal you want to live with.

Other remarkable moments- The kitchen cabinet color (Benjamin Moore temptation), a nice unexpected touch! The bold black and white artwork… The meticulous layering of textures…

What do you think?

If you’re still a believer, here are some of my favorite shades… Benjamin Moore hush, monroe bisque, bleeker beige, shaker beige, and powell buff.


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