Stunning Wall Moments.

You see it, you feel it, you know it, and you want a slice of it in your own home.

Stunning Wall Moments. When paint colors and the ideal piece of artwork combine perfectly in the right space. Add a few accessories and you have design perfection.

How do we get there? Well, that’s the hard part (I can help). Sometimes it’s a slow, painful process requiring hard work, inspiration, patience, luck… Once in a while things just magically come together.

I don’t know about you but I learn a lot from admiring other’s work. When I see something really beautiful it fuels my fire. These are examples filed in my “Holy Grail” folder :)

Can you see why? It doesn’t even take much, or a huge budget. The world is your canvas, ha ha- now get creating!

(Thank you Martha Stewart, Design Sponge, Design Sponge, Martha Stewart, and Design Sponge for the photos)


For the Love of Mixing Paint.

To my fellow creative friends out there,

Does the sight of this painter’s palette get your blood flowing?

This is exactly where my love for paint mixing began.

College painting courses- I quickly chalked up the in-between paint color tubes to focus on the primaries (red, yellow, blue) + white. With these 4 tubes at hand, you can mix virtually any shade under the sun, even black.
I did this for 2 reasons. 1. Artist paint is pricey and I never had more than $5 in my college account, ha. 2. For the love of the game!
You know which colors were by far the most difficult to mix? The neutrals- beige, shades of gray, taupe, and off-white. I learned this quickly in trying to replicate a painting by artist Wayne Thiebaud (one of my favorites). I got pretty close but it took a few attempts and much effort.

What I didn’t realize at the time, was how relevant this experience in mixing, creating neutrals, and gaining perspective on the wild world of undertones would be in my future. It’s funny how things just happen…

There is definitely an angle from art school that I can’t help but bring, sometimes literally :), to your table.

Time stood still back in college when I realized (luckily) the direction in which I should head. Art/design/painting just ignited something.
And my how that is still true!
Just wanted to share, hope you have also loved your chosen path.

Move over color chips,

there’s a new baby in town!

Bottle please…

Introducing Mr. Bennet Charleston Tsoris.

Born in a dramatic fashion (one hour start to finish), on a dramatic day 9.11.11, he arrives the sweetest, calmest package. I feel lucky to have him and am thoroughly enjoying the feed, burp, change, cycle of life :)

Going to delight in this baby and get back to my other love (color) soon.

Welcome Bennet!

When Beige IS Beautiful.

Beige gets a bad rap these days. Boring, so 5 years ago, over-it, on to gray, etc… But much like any other color in the spectrum, it’s all in the way you incorporate. As soon as I saw this spread in House Beautiful, I tore it out thinking, what incredibly beautiful design, soothing and understated. Monochromatic with just enough dynamic moments to keep you coming back…

The designer is Benjamin Dhong and I thought he had some interesting things to say regarding the use of white. “When I work with a monochromatic palette, I layer all those quiet neutrals to the point where the room is starving for color. Then you give it a little bit of white and it’s such a relief; the effect of the white is heightened. But it’s not overwhelming, so the mood stays serene.”

I’m a HUGE fan of white used this way. The contrast between a mid-toned paint color and white trim or accents has this lighthearted, clean, sophisticated appeal you want to live with.

Other remarkable moments- The kitchen cabinet color (Benjamin Moore temptation), a nice unexpected touch! The bold black and white artwork… The meticulous layering of textures…

What do you think?

If you’re still a believer, here are some of my favorite shades… Benjamin Moore hush, monroe bisque, bleeker beige, shaker beige, and powell buff.