.:. Zen Paint Colors .:.

You asked, you searched, you got it— zen paint colors. Color Zen? I mean, you already know I love the look and feel. When people come to our house they comment on the peacefulness, like a spa, or so they say (granted, this is following a clean job in which a semi stops by to remove 4 years worth of toys, etc…). It looks good for a minute anyway?

And the spa state of mind is where I always want to live. Clean lines, sun-kissed, soothing, decluttered, smells good, feels healthy. I believe I am not alone in this?

So how do we create a zenful space? This is definitely open for interpretation since we are developing an overall feeling versus following a set of design rules. And the term is vague. But here are some inspiring examples that feel just about right…

Feels good, ahhhh. And the paint colors? I decided, instead of coordinating photos with color #’s, or overanalyzing, I’m headed to a quiet corner with a pile of paint swatches to thoroughly enjoy choosing an array of beautiful shades out of the clear blue, that simply feel zen. What fun?

Here’s what I came up with, enjoy readers! .:.

(Colors by Benjamin Moore) 1st row– Soleil AF-330. Honeymoon AF-345. Coastal Path AF-380. Dune Grass 492. 2nd row– Moonlight White 2143-60. Flowering Herbs 514. Bath Salts 624. Meditation AF-395. 3rd row– Revere Pewter HC-172. New Age 1444. Creekbed 1006. Shoreline 1471.

(thank you decor-ideas.com, HGTV.com, Martha Stewart, everythingfab.com, luxury-furniture-design.net, and Martha Stewart for the photos)


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