Perfectly Stated.

Reading through August’s Real Simple magazine (one of my great loves), the editor writes about her encounter with Eve Ashcraft, an architectural color consultant featured in the issue.

“I was fairly content in my boring, white-or-off-white existence until I encountered Eve Ashcraft… As far as I can tell, being a color consultant means you are part triage doctor, part magician, and part psychotherapist. It also means that-like other people with true visual talent, or that kid in The Sixth Sense-you see things that other people can’t.”

How perfectly stated- the best description of my job one could ever configure. There is an incredibly psychological component I never anticipated. It’s like me vs. all of your life experiences, including the powder blue dress your mother made you wear in 5th grade, that the kids had a field day with. Even though powder blue would look amazing in your new bathroom, you will forever despise the shade and tell me simply, it ain’t happening! :)

These life experiences and your eye vs. my eye make color consulting really challenging, exciting, and wonderfully complicated. Somehow we get there, one paint chip at a time.

So I went on to take a peak at Eve’s color combinations in the magazine and was equally delighted with what I found there.

Incredibly beautiful color that’s both unexpected and livable! I never would have put these combinations together, but that’s why they’re so inspiring… Sweet innovation, wow.

Highly recommend!

(Thank you Gentl & Hyers/Real Simple for the beautiful photos)


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