Why Your Home is NEVER Hopeless.

Once in a while, I run into a client who just despises their home… and it seems to make the entire experience feel negative and blaaaaaaaah.

But- the good news is this scenario can take a complete positive turn (I’ve seen it happen, yes!). By the time a few simple changes have been made, the homeowner’s attitude has lifted. Very inspiring to witness, I must say.

There is real power in loving your environment. It goes way beyond face value and material things.

So People- if you are not in love with your home, GET a MOVIN’! Don’t let self doubt, fear of change, lack of motivation, color phobia, my husband/wife won’t let me, etc… keep you down. I think sometimes dreading the work is far worse than diggin’ in and getting the job done. In 1 weekend you can turn the whole place around.

No matter how bad your house is, in reality or in your mind, there is always something you can do!

Here are 8 of my favorite tricks-

1. Clear it out. Clear most of the items from your room(s). Spend some time rethinking/rearranging. Keep your favorites, purge the rest. Less is more, more, more!

2. If your carpet is gross- clean it! Our best family friend is the Rug Doctor. For a very affordable rate you can rent him at your local home improvement store. I was a complete skeptic until my husband proved me majorly wrong. P.S. if you really hate your carpet/it’s a terrible color- seriously consider replacing it- sets the whole tone…

3. Add a large piece of artwork. It can be as simple as a framed poster. Make sure the colors relate to your furnishings. I would rather see one big impact piece than 20 little ones scattered about.

4. Paint (you knew we were going there). A fresh coat is priceless. This also applies to woodwork- if your wood is really bad- paint it! Takes decades off your home. If you’re struggling with color choices, call me!

5. Slip cover 80’s patterned furniture. Nothing brings the design progress to a hault like a screaming 80’s patterned sofa and chair, ha. If you can’t afford to replace these pieces in the near future, just cover them up in a thrifty neutral slipcover. Layer with a few new throw pillows and a near miracle has been performed.

6. Add light. A lamp, candles, a string of lights… Instant warmth and happiness. I had the nicest client- we were working on her sunroom (she did such a great job decorating, it turned out fabulous). She put together this candlescape (above). It brought a little slice of heaven to the room. I gasped in delight when I walked in. That’s what we’re going for, right? Yes!

7. Add shimmer. Something that sparkles, shimmers, or reflects light such as a mirror, a metallic object, a glass vase, or throw pillows with beading. It will break up the monotony and brighten the space instantly.

8. Pick an accent color (or 2) and stick with it. When there are too many colors going in one room, it kills the look. Settle on 1 or 2 you love and go with it. A neutral plus one or two accents always works! Repetition.

Ready to get rollin’ on some improvements this weekend? Cheers readers!

(thank you Real Simple, Real Simple, Sarah Richardson, Pottery Barn, West Elm, and Real Simple for the photos)


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