Good Balance!

Designer Sarah Richardson of HGTV, etc. has caught my attention lately! It seems her room designs just keep getting better and better?

I am IN LOVE with the soft, peaceful, paint hues that whisper, I’m so perfectly understated you don’t even notice me, in the following rooms.

They just make perfect sense (along with the rest of the elements).

It’s funny, I’ve been on a mission, trying to open client minds to the medium tone. I hear a lot of… that’s too dark, too dark, too dark… Lesson learned- if you do not commit to enough depth in color/neutral, and your home is filled with dark natural wood and dark furniture (which is very common in the Midwest), the soft hues I’m adoring above, often fall flat. The walls look washed out and the furniture feels heavy. You lack overall harmony, flow, and ……………… balance!

Why do the soft hues work so well here? Notice Sarah uses primarily white, and really light colored accents, fabric, rugs, etc. and just a touch of dark contrast for pop. You are not startled by any of the elements, emphasis is on the cohesive overall look, and you just plain want to live there!

I suppose my point is, though tempting to paint bold color to appease boredom, or stick with off-white because you’re afraid, really think about your home, your accents, your furniture and what will bring everything together. I’ve seen it happen, and it’s amazing!


3 thoughts on “Good Balance!

  1. Absolutely right, on Jessamy! Have the same issue with many clients–those pale ethereal colors need light to live..and "in context" for that soft, flowing look. Balance IS the key. That said–i'm still waiting to acquire my own beach cottage to decorate that way ; )

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