How your favorite photos create a palette.

I clapped, cheered, and said out loud… Now that is a cool idea!

Not an entirely new concept, just one we likely forget to consider during the uninspired shuffle in which we’re decorating or trying to come up with paint color ideas and it just has to be done, quickly.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful, if the colors in your home we’re drawn straight from a photo snapped on a memorable vacation, hike, scenic moment, the yard, or any space you love.

What a great conversation to be had if people came over and asked, how did you choose your colors?

Take a peak-

Thank you House Beautiful for making my day, thought this was a great example. Love the photo, the location, and the weathered quality of the colors pulled straight from layers of paint applied through history. Doesn’t this just get the creative folk howling, ha ha?

So I gave it a whirl…

One of my favorite photos of my little guy…

And, a photo from a heavenly little trip my husband and I took in what seemed to be tropical paradise.

My honest thoughts on this exercise? Wow, this works really well! And you develop a fond connection since the colors come from a very warm place.

Give it a try, it’s quite fun! Hope you’re inspired…


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