The Power of Trim Color.

I was lucky enough to help this homeowner choose new trim colors, what a lovely place? In the process we discussed; roof color (roof was replaced), the addition of copper trim, and simplification of some of the trim lines.


The client was interested in maintaining a sense of the home’s Craftsman Style, in which structures blend harmoniously with nature. After considering a few directions, we agreed on earthy greens and creams. They complemented the golden brick well, remained true to the style, yet added a fresh, contemporary touch.

We tested a variety of shades (some of the creams were too yellow, whew), until we found a combination that felt just right. Our final selections were- Benjamin Moore crownsville gray, baffin island, and georgian green.

And after a loooooooong painting, roofing, flooding (yikes), shall we call it enduring process, we have a new look!


Isn’t it amazing how trim colors can completely shift a home’s appearance? The photo washes the colors unfortunately, but my favorite part of this transformation is the entrance. It looks lighter, brighter, and happier!

The homeowner told me someone walked by and said, cool Eddie Bauer colors, ha. Thought that was funny and right on.


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