A Taupe Revolution.

My how things have changed since Color Zen came alive in 2009 :) I could barely mention the word gray without knocking the wind out of client sails.

I think we were still on Tuscan overload. Gold, red, warm neutrals. Absolutely nothing wrong with these colors, just temporarily overdosed!!

But, this season clients are interested in or at least open to a wider variety of options. Blues, greens, and grays in particular. And the neutral of choice (Are you on the edge of your seat?) is my beloved TAUPE.

We recently painted our entire living area Sherwin Williams outerbanks, which definitely falls into the category. With pops of white and chartreuse, I’m loving the look.

Here is a taste…

Why is taupe so lovable? It gives you the modern feel of gray, without the blue undertones. A mix of brown and gray, it stays warm and complements a variety of wood tones from painted white to oak to espresso. It is rich and allows artwork/decor to pop, without leaving you feeling washed out.

Here are my tried and true favorites shades, dark & light-
(Benjamin Moore) fairview taupe, kingsport gray, alexandria beige, stone hearth, indian river, brandon beige, racoon hollow, sparrow, and weimeraner.

Taupe is the new beige? Maybe something like that, ha. Cheers to a new favorite!

(thank you Design Sponge and desiretoinspire.net for the photos)


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