Perfect Palette Inspiration: object groupings.

What makes object groupings in magazines so darn appealing? I was going to say appealing to the eye, but maybe it’s to a variety of senses

one from Architectural Digest got me good. I’ve had it stashed away in an “inspiration folder” for a few months. The color! And the graphic design, love it. Let’s see, they call this “The Scent Calendar 2011”, 12 monthly candles developed in part by fashion designers and beauty moguls- that sucks me in even more :) $650 at Maison Gerard (yes you read that correctly). Maybe in my next lifetime?

But to the point- spreads like this make GREAT color palette inspiration. So if you come across something that stops you, tear it out and tuck away. I love when clients share visuals like this. Especially if they’re not exactly sure where to begin. You can learn a lot about your own taste by these selections.

The best part? A visual can be interpreted creatively, in so many different ways. Such as…

Enjoy your favorite design magazine and let the wheels turn… Need help interpreting? Contact me anytime.

(thank you Amanda Nisbet,, House Beautiful, and for the photos)


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