Life is short, redecorate every 5 minutes?

While out looking for throw pillows, artwork, etc. for the get ready for baby, reworking of our home, I spotted these chairs at a local HomeGoods store.

It’s always the accent chairs that get me (+ nail heads). And I love these. I could picture them in a room sort of like this…

Just one chair, with a pillow like this…

(West Elm)

…as the room’s moment of glory.

Have you had a similar reaction, when spotting something beautiful? You want to completely abandon your current look? Start all over… I think of my mother, my mother-in-law, myself, and then my father, my father-in-law, and my hubby just shaking their heads :)

Then you come to your senses… At least until you hit the 5 year mark- then it seems marginally appropriate to take it from the top.

You can always refer to the wonderful saying, life is short… And put in some extra hours at work.

p.s. The best part of this tale- as I’m gazing lovingly at these chairs, a couple walks by and says, “Whoa- those chairs are REALLY bright and obnoxious.” To each his own, ha.


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