What to do with wood ceiling beams?

Love them! Suddenly they’ve become a room’s best asset, isn’t it funny how that happens? In past years, many of us were cringing, removing, or trying to camouflage.

So, what should you do with wood beams, if you happen to live in an older home and they need a little love? You might guess my stance- anything you want!

I found some great examples…

1. Paint everything white.

2. Apply a whitewash, distressed finish. Love this one!

3. Paint the beams white, and the ceiling a contrasting color. Isn’t this happy?

4. Paint the beams a color (why not)!

5. Leave the wood natural.

6. Stain in your shade of choice.

I was inspired by these examples, and how the rustic quality of wood beams can be successfully incorporated into contemporary decor. If your beams need a lift and you’re not sure what to do, I would be happy to help.

(thank you Wishful Thinking, Decor Pad, styleathome.com, Inspiring Interiors, Coastal Living, http://www.livingwithwhite.com, Eleanor Cummings/House Beautiful, for the photos)


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