A Winning Moment!

Several months ago, California Paints sent out a call for entries for their 2011 Color Challenge. “California Paints is looking to the professional interior design community to determine the featured colors for our 2011 color card series. The winning color combinations and designers will be featured and published in our exclusive 2011 interior and exterior color cards.” The contest was judged by an impressive panel of designers and color forecasters.

You were allowed to submit up to 5 interior and 5 exterior combinations of 3. Full creative license over an enormous variety of colors. Count me in!

Actually, it was a little more difficult to whittle down options than I anticipated. In true form, I ended up doing the work twice. As I went to submit my first round of combos, I thought- b o r i n g, too conservative. I wanted the colors to be versatile with mass appeal, but also on trend and interesting. When I submitted the second attempt, I felt good about the work.

One random afternoon, while having a particularly Calgon take me away type day, the phone rang. Two of my combos (1 interior, 1 exterior) won! My day was turned around.

The color combinations are now featured in the California Paints “Designer Selections” booklets available where the paint is sold. I really like the variety of palettes within the booklets! Take a look at the designer gallery, http://www.californiapaints.com/DesignerGallery/Gallery.html. You can view designer bios and winning color combos.

My personal favorites, weren’t selected. I’ll share a few…

Interior, Pop Art as an accent, I imagined a touch of this bright hue as a shelf backing.

Exterior, Veranda Blue as an accent, thought this would be a great door color.

What an exciting opportunity, thank you California Paints. I love the Historic Collection, beautiful colors!

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