A fun friend to have, you’ll see why…

My friend Michelle is part of a dear group of friends I’ve had for longer than I would care to admit (25 ish years). When I’m with them, the hours feel like minutes, it’s just always been that way.

Michelle, is the risk-taker. The person who actually acts on whims the rest of us ponder in moments of inspiration… or mid-life crisis, and then say, I could never get away with that!

An example- Approaching 30, she decides to leave her lucrative office job with the family business, to move from Milwaukee to Santa Barbara to attend the Brooks Institute of Photography- though she admits to never having touched a camera previously. In true form (with quiet, killer, ambition), she taps into this ridiculous level of raw talent. Check out her work and her bio! The story is both entertaining and quite inspirational.

See the photo of yours truly on the right hand panel? We took that in my garage! On a dark, cold, dreary day… I went shopping for props, Michelle set everything up, and she used what I would call a mushroom cloud- professional, model lighting. Asking me to fake a smile was like pulling teeth, but I was grateful.

To return the favor- Michelle and her hubby have just relocated to Connecticut from a tiny apartment (they loved… I mean loathed) in Chicago. They will be renting this amazing, mid-century modern home (her dream home/style) and she would like assistance choosing colors and accents in which to decorate. Renting eliminates the paint option, but don’t ever let that get you down… many other possibilities.

(they purchased this couch from Room and Board)

So I thought, what better way to draw inspiration than from Michelle’s artwork. And the girl likes edge (can you tell?), so let’s keep things a little murky and interesting, ha! 2 options…



color palette…



color palette…

Michelle and Joe, hope you’re inspired! Enjoy your happy new home.

(accent group #1- pillows- Crate and Barrel, World Market, table- Crate and Barrel, chair- West Elm, circular art- Z Gallerie, print- Etsy (theloveshop), rug- Color Reform by ABC Carpet, circular side table- Jonathan Adler. accent group #2- lamp- Crate and Barrel, pillows- Crate and Barrel, CB2, Ikea, chair- CB2, fish art- Z Gallerie, rug- Color Reform by ABC Carpet.)


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