Clients are loving… (hint, TV show)

…the Modern Family set (the blue wall color in particular)! Wow, I can’t believe how many people have mentioned, they love this set and would like their own homes to have the look. Admittedly, I have never watched the show (maybe I should expand my HGTV/Bravo horizons), but since it’s creating such a buzz, I had to check it out…

I found some great images and was able to judge objectively while viewing for the first time. You know what? I can see why it has so much appeal… The first thing that struck me was how very American it looks. An orderly mix of all different styles, colors, and patterns that create good energy and an upbeat state of mind! Overall, it looks just contemporary enough, so as not to intimidate (I find many households, deathly afraid of stepping away from traditional, they select contemporary inspiration, but they just can’t go there? hmmmm). It makes one feel like you can mix the old with the new while maintaining a cohesive, updated look.

One thing I appreciate in particular, are the wall colors! You knew we were heading there, right? The saturated, medium tones REALLY pull things together nicely. This is a great example of using just enough color on the walls. Now if they wimped out and used very pale shades…….. where would we be? Is this becoming a subliminal lecture? Perhaps… lol

Let’s take a look at the set, and I’ll give you my take on comparable paint shades (Benjamin Moore)!

The blue! Looks very different from shot to shot, but here are some great options… slate blue 1648, santorini blue 1634, and little falls 1621. Blue walls really work with white trim.

I like the look here, rich and inviting. Take a peak at these shades- been using them a lot lately! Davenport tan HC-76 and alexandria beige HC-77.

An old classic, beige is only boring when you don’t mix it up. Here are a few, ever popular options… Monroe bisque HC-26, shaker beige HC-45, and wheeling neutral HC-92.

Something like raccoon hollow 978 or river gorge gray 1537, love this ensemble.

Last but not least, the grayish neutral that has stolen our hearts. Take a peak at grant beige HC-83 or coastal fog 976.

If you love the look but need some assistance pulling it together, call me! Happy Friday readers!


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