A Cool New Look for Peggy.

Peggy and I are working on a paint color plan for her kitchen, living room, trim, door, fireplace, etc. This will be the beginning of a whole new look…

She happens to live in California, in an area where temps. likely reach 101°. Now that’s sizzling! So she would like to plunge into a COOL new color palette- blue/greens with apple green accents. Wall color something to this effect (below)(West Elm), perhaps 2 coordinating shades/lighter & darker. I think we can make it work!

To jump start the project, we had a great conversation in which Peggy described the look she’s going for- contemporary, less is more, clean lines, feel good, peacefulness… At that point I was putty in her hands. I’m not going to lie, that is my scene :)

So she sent me photos of the space…

… and I realized this is going to be a huge transformation! The paint will be the clearing of the slate, but the things that fill the room will be even more important. And since I can’t help myself, I asked Peggy if I could put together the look (at least ideas). Consistency, I think that will be the key to success here.

Background info.- The current carpeting will be replaced with tile, new furniture will be purchased, wider white floor trim added, and a new rug and table has been selected for the kitchen. We will use this as our inspiration (below).

Here’s what I came up with!

Paint– Let it rip! We’re covering all surfaces. Trim, ceilings, shutters, even the fireplace- slather them in white paint. White paint with a sliver of warmth to avoid the blue/white look- Ben Moore white dove or vanilla milkshake.

The walls- I think we should keep the blue/green relatively light, to maintain an airy quality. Top picks- Ben Moore ocean air (lighter) for the kitchen and gossamer blue (slightly darker) for the living area. These colors will look great with white trim.

The Accompaniments–

Thoughts on furniture- Peggy mentioned recliners, I like this light/dark combo. Sofa from Pottery Barn, recliner from Room & Board.

Accent pillows- My favorite, affordable way to bring a palette/room together. Thank you Crate and Barrel.

Rugs- Peggy and I discussed Flor tiles, we both love them. She was thinking of using green and tan squares (over the new tile). I love the product/look but was afraid the modern, choppiness (keeping in mind the very geometric kitchen rug) would be too much. I’m loving these softer options from Dash and Albert. I like the idea of a lightweight rug in a room that really heats up.

Accents- Simple, easy, just a few here and there. Crate and Barrel and Z Gallerie.

The fireplace- Since the fireplace is an important focal point, it deserves extra attention. Peggy did tell me that the sconces and art were new and should stay (below)… b u t … I think they will be a real clash with the blue/greens, etc… (Sorry Peggy!). They could find a new home, maybe another room?

Here’s what I would do- as mentioned, paint the fireplace surround white, paint (fireplace paint) or cover with heat resistant black tape (I’ve tried this, it works!) the brass lines, and hang a very large, clean, simple piece of artwork above (love this option from Z Gallerie).

The wheels are turning, the creative process rolling, the new colors waiting to pop… What do you think?


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