Babies, Closet Curtains, and Many Other Tangents…

My head could easily spin if I allowed it to… and that’s where my ultra calm hubby comes in handy (Jess, we’ll get it all done, don’t worry).

We are expecting a baby! Awwwwe. One more bambino to complete the family :) Very happy.

So this means BIG CHANGE for our relatively small home. We will be working to maximize every morsel of space! The first job to tackle- converting my (beloved, boo hoo) home office… to a baby room. Oh, the things we do for our children, ha.

And where per say will the color lab be relocating to? The master bedroom! Time to muster up extremely creative ways to join a bedroom and office, without loosing one’s mind or sacrificing a creatively inspired space. I’m sort of excited to take on the challenge… our bedroom could use a fun new look anyway. It will be tight though… New York tight.

So I will be sure to document changes being made as I learn lessons through trial and error and hopefully come up with some color-rich, design savvy rooms. In the meantime, I’m dreaming of nixing our current clunky, oak, closet doors, to replace them with curtains as we convert to a nursery. I always loved the soft look- here are a few great examples!

I’ll let you know what I come up with… choosing fabric is the best part!

(thank you Apartment Therapy, Alkemie, House Tweaking, Young House Love, and Branching Out for the closet inspiration.)


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