Sarah’s Sweet Georgian Kitchen.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah via the Benjamin Moore Experts Exchange (come visit!) while she was in the process of remodeling her kitchen. We’ve been back and forth on a variety of advice beginning with her quest for a happy/appropriate paint color…

The wall history- #1 wallpaper, #2 sage green gone wild (looked neon), #3 faux finish in brown, #4 painted cloud white as pictured above… Sarah, I feel your pain, we’ve all been there!

The white was heading in a good direction but Sarah wasn’t loving it and felt the cabinets were lost in space. I suggested Benjamin Moore’s Moon Shadow, a very light, gentle gray/green. Please see my paintbrush (upper right), I love this color! Something to unify the backsplash and walls while providing contrast for the white cabinetry.

And then there was Moon Shadow
– she is happy! #5 is a charm?

So the next mission is to help Sarah with fabric selection (how fun). She would like to add simple box-pleat valances to the windows. We must keep in mind colors, textures, window shades, etc…

I was inspired by this room from adore home, I think we could push in this direction… Sarah sent me some fabric she was considering, I really like this pick! Colors/style perfect.

Here are additional ideas I came up with…
Love this example…

#1 Crate and Barrel- do you know they sell fabric by the yard? Just learned this… #2 Galbraith & Paul, smokebush (wide variety of color options), #3 Amy Butler, Midwest Modern II, Fresh Poppies Linen, #4 Dwell Studio, soft scrolls in charcoal.

I feel some fabric samples coming on :), this will be trial and error as always. The patterns will add business, so Sarah may have to pair down accessories but I believe the end result will be fabulous. Can you picture a white drum light hanging above the table? Can’t seem to shake that vision…

Anyway- to make this very long story short, this kitchen is shaping up in a very big way. What do you think?


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