Our take on 2011 Oscar Fashion.

Although I find the Oscar show painfully corny at times, I always walk away in awe of the people that put these amazing films together. Hats off to the art directors, costume designers, set designers, etc… that work (incredibly hard) for the magic. It provides unmatched inspiration.

But on a lighter note… I must admit to entering into a temporary trance during the red carpet preview in the name of fashion! My husband passes by now and then, commenting on how extremely boring he finds award shows, and in humorous contrast I’m 100% engrossed. I try to explain that watching the dresses, etc… is for me, part of the design and color trend scene I love dearly.

I found this year’s looks to be a very mixed bag! Color themes emerged such as silvery white, nudes, and shades of red and lavender. From flawless to bizarre, the variety kept things interesting.

Personal favorites-

This was my #1! Loved everything, the hair, the simple silhouette, the shimmer. A forever fan of Calvin Klein and Gwyneth’s sense of style.

I thought Jennifer Hudson looked beautiful in this orange/red Versace gown, only wish her hair was paired down a bit…

Matthew McConaughey’s girlfriend Camila Alves, I don’t know much about her but thought she was stunning in this Kaufman Franco dress. It’s not a bold statement but upon first glance it’s a wow.

Moving on to the “I really wanted to like this look” category-

Dear Scarlett, I loved your hair and make-up. I really wanted to like your Dolce and Gabbana dress, the back was cut beautifully, but the color killed it for me. A shade that just feels very mother of the bride!

Hmmm, Amy Adams in this L’Wren Scott gown. The sleeve cut and neckline were a little strange as well of the necklace. Just a little off? It seems to be a love it or hate it…

I found Nicole’s look including the John Galliano gown, equally odd. I sort of liked the dress but wanted to change her hair and remove the necklace pronto! Even the shoes were a peculiar pairing… and I usually love Nicole’s selections.

So there’s my take, did you have a winning look?


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