8 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Good!

Have you walked into a home, business, hotel, or restaurant and experienced a quick negative reaction? Something about the place is just off and you knoooooow you don’t want to stay!

I confess to spending an unreasonable chunk of my adult life, attempting to keep my home, from first apartment to current dwelling, out of this category, ha. How about you?

I am a sucker for GOOD AMBIANCE. Nothing like being welcomed by a space that feels good. Clean, bright, and happy… good music, smells pleasant, a sense of vitality flowing through…

I believe this can be achieved in any space (even the humblest) with a little work. There are many tips available- but here are my personal favorites-

1. White Tulips. Fresh flowers in general… but there’s something about the simple white tulip (they blend in perfectly). Put a vase on your table and suddenly the place looks elegant and vital.

2. The Light/Bright Factor. Don’t get me wrong, I love a dark powder room here and there but nothing feels happier than a bright room with sunlight streaming in. Open your shades during the day and work on a nice lighting ensemble for evening.

3. Fresh Air Flowing. A little fresh air circulating goes a long way! Even in winter, when the temp. cracks 30˚, I open the windows for a few minutes and let the air blow through (especially in the bedrooms). It feels so good.

4. Wide Open Space. Often when I walk into homes, I’m struck by furniture obstructing good flow in a room. Like you need to sort of tip toe around couches and tables… In oddly shaped rooms it can be difficult to organize the space, but sometimes simply scaling back on furniture helps tremendously.

5. Goodbye to Clutter. You’ve heard this one before! I know as a mother, I’m often overwhelmed by the piles that accumulate. I try to set aside maybe one day a month to clear things out… and afterward I feel so much better! There are great storage options available, even purchasing a mail bin is a huge step in the right direction.

6. Candles (everywhere). I love a line of votives on the mantel or table, or candles in the fireplace. Even one instantly warms the place up- and talk about inexpensive!

7. Minimal Window Treatments. Really heavy window treatments kill a room quickly. They feel heavy and you loose the beauty of the windows. Maybe it’s just me, but my vote is for simple shades or panels!

8. A little Spritz. Here and there… a nice light air freshener- there are great natural options available. My personal favorites, lavender and citrus. Everyone loves a fresh smelling home!

So there you have it, my top 8 list. Ask your friends for their tips, it’s a fun conversation. I think many are used before entertaining. If you have any interesting additions- do share!

(thank you Martha Stewart, “feng shui your life” by Jayme Barrett, Martha Stewart, The Shade Company, and Squido for the photos)


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