Love for the Bachelor Pad.

What I did not anticipate, and have been quite pleasantly surprised by, is the number of single men interested in help coloring and decorating their homes!

Couples are getting married later, men have purchased nice places, and gone are the days when the halogen light, next to the hand-me-down couch, one enormous TV, and possibly a lone Ansel Adams poster was all we came to expect. It’s a new day for the bachelor pad!

I’ve helped men interested in vibrant color, strictly earth tones, decorating styles including “funky”, modern, classic, and conservative. Some have confessed they don’t have a clue where to begin, or they’re good with design but need help with the overall look, or they would like to purchase new things but shopping is their idea of hell. By the way, I’m more than happy to take on shopping responsibilities.

I do not push. Maybe a gentle nudge, but that’s about it. I think we should all be happy and comfortable with the colors/and things that surround us. So guys, don’t worry… I will not attempt to talk you into butterfly embellishments, or anything that makes your friends wonder if you’re “okay inside”, ha.

There are many great resources that help us maintain a balance between masculinity and warmth. I will share some photos, but in the meantime, if your pad needs a little design TLC, feel free to contact me anytime.

(thank you Washington Post, Nate Berkus,, Nate Berkus, and Room and Board, for the photos)


2 thoughts on “Love for the Bachelor Pad.

  1. from a single guy that believes your home can be an age-appropriate sanctuary without an ansel adams print and a futon, thank you!

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