*{Mad for Moroccan}*

Have you been captured by HGTV’s House Hunters International by chance? I sure have! It is incredibly interesting to peak inside homes across the globe and appreciate the differences in style and amenities.

Last week I caught an episode taking place in Marrakech, Morocco in which a couple from England search for a vacation home. The places they viewed were just amazing! The bold, saturated color, the tile work, the elaborate bathrooms (gold bowl sinks and all), and my personal favorite- the dipping pools (right in the middle of the homes). A true feast for the eyes…

For a moment, it made me reconsider the clean, restrained, minimalistic style many of us (including myself) go for… What would your house look like if you just let go? Perhaps we’re not having enough fun?

p.s.- The red/orange, the cerulean blue- color heaven…

(thank you onceuponateatime.blogspot.com, Jeffers Design Group, lemonsaiste.com, machateahouse.com, Design Hole, Apartment Therapy, and polkadotbride.com for the photos)


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