In the pink.

Two dresses are on my mind today…

I am smitten with the utter simplicity of the dresses & hair as well as the slightly offbeat shades of pink that keep you interested. Quietly creative, love that!

Have you noticed peachy/pinks cropping up in fashion and decor? I like them paired with beige, violet, and brown- like an ice cream palette… They remind me of one category in the Benjamin Moore 2012 Color Pulse Presentation.

The “Escape” category describes a soft, retro, fantasy like feeling evoked by pearlescent and shimmery finishes applied to pastels paired with a ground color. We’ll see rosy pinks with carbon, lavender with brown, and pale green with camel. Roll the visuals…

One of my favorite artists, Wayne Thiebaud.

Love this Etsy shop! Peggy Wolf

Tickled pink? Couldn’t resist… What do you think?

(thank you,,,, Etsy, Ikea, and for the photos)


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