Opposites that Attract- neons & neutrals.

If you’re coming down from the x-mas high, weighted down by buttery cookies, in need a little color pick-me-up- this one’s for you!

Headed down the runway during fashion week this Fall, were many versions of the NEON & NEUTRAL combo. Here’s a taste-

(Chanel, Diane von Furstenburg, GoRunway.com)

Oh-la-la, such a bright little pop.

It’s amazing how correlated runway fashion and decor trends are. This I learned quickly through watching/listening to companies such as Pantone, Benjamin Moore, and Sherwin Williams present their annual color forecasts.

Here is Pantone’s Fall 2010 Fashion Color Report (many well known designers chose Oyster Gray as their color of the year)-

And here are the color picks included in this year’s Sherwin-Williams’ ColorMix 2011 presentation-

Can you see the similarities?

It is not a shy array of color. If you’re one who can only live with the neon, ultra-brights in small doses (like me), temper them with a neutral backdrop. You get the effect without a major commitment. Let’s take a peak at some examples…

And if you’re a little more brave…

Whether you’re interested in the trends, opposed to the trends, love the look, hate the look- I think most of us would agree- the touch of vibrant color in these rooms adds warmth, vitality, and utter HAPPINESS.

I’m feeling it, how about you?

(thank you mammasarollingstone.com, Apartment Therapy, Elle Decor, House to Home UK, design-milk.com, iransdesign.com, and Aprtment Therapy for the photos.)


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