Our Version of Christmas.

It’s almost Christmas Eve and we will be the hosts- so the house is undergoing some serious sprucing. The glow from ample white light strings and candles may be seen from the end of the block.

I do enjoy the process, particularly that it forces one to declutter, hang artwork that hmmm, might have been sitting in the closet for a while?, just attend to the little things that are often pushed off… Suddenly you see your home in a new light (at least for 15 minutes, until the little guy blows through like a tornado).

Tomorrow the cooking begins… Sauteed green beans with orange and white wine vinegar, sweet potatoes topped with roasted pecans, and spinach artichoke dip on toasted baguettes. The rest will be brought by relatives- cheers to that!

Here’s a peak inside…

(my very official home office)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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