Do you color exteriors?

Well, yes I do (with pleasure). Exteriors feel like a completely different entity than the interiors and I love that.

They have their own process which usually begins with the use of Photoshop. I color your photos, experiment with shades and combinations, settle on a few directions, and send them your way!

This begins a good conversation leading to rigorous paint sampling- until we settle on the perfect colors. It’s really important to study the paint on the house’s surface, at different points in the day to avoid strange undertones. Have you ever seen a house that turns pink in the evening? Whew, must be very careful…

So I guess you could say the pressure is on! But with careful consideration, we can come up with a great plan. It is amazing what a paint job can do for the facade.

Here’s a sneak peak at an exterior in the works-

(client’s note) “Three years ago, we moved into a 1950’s orangey-gold, brick house with harvest gold aluminum siding. At first glance, the exterior of the home made me cringe. It was the interior that sold us on the house. This Spring, we will tear down and rebuild the front and side porches as well as paint the siding. I am open to options.”


I chuckled when she mentioned the cringe- we must come to the rescue. The fact that she’s open to options already puts a smile on my face.

Here is one of the directions I came up with- after all, brick is paintable. A few design elements, such as new address numbers and a wreath helps the home feel updated.

We will see what the client thinks!

If you need some assistance sprucing up your exterior, contact me anytime.


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