Brass Light BUSTERS- hang on to your fixtures…

The hall of fame… or shame…

CALLING ALL OWNERS of the Hollywood light bulb fixture- I will be over in 15 minutes to replace (with all do respect)!

On a recent client visit, we were discussing the color plan for a recently purchased home. As we made our way through the house, I was reminded of just how often I see this certain collection of brass, builder grade fixtures in nice suburban homes. The bulbs are partially exposed and seemingly harsher than the sun- ouch, hurts the ole’ eyeballs!

This soon to be homeowner, the real estate agent and I had a good laugh regarding the urgency in replacing these lights. They just KILL the ambiance.

I understand, you live with something for a while, it becomes invisible… The task of choosing fixtures and hanging them seems daunting… But I’m willing to beg you to give it a shot? PLEASE?

There are lighting resources a plenty, many very affordable. I like a healthy variety- a few hanging pendants (with dimmers), recessed lighting, table and floor lamps, sconces… This way you can keep things ultra bright when you need the light, and soft in the evening when you’re aiming for warm radiance.

Have you ever been to a party that was TOO BRIGHT and lost it’s charm? My case is closed…

Here are a few ideas-

p.s. Even Ikea has some great options!

Happy start to your week readers.

(thank you Design Within Reach (tripod floor lamp), Veranda, West Elm (fluted-glass table lamp), Restoration Hardware (nolan single sconce) & (wine barrel chandelier), and Ikea for the photos)


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