Sunshine + Happiness.

At least from my perspective, the 2 have always gone hand in hand. Unfortunate as it may be for a WI member of the gray skies club, I’ll spare you the complaints. Let’s get to the good stuff!

I am fortunate to have just returned from a wonderful vacation in Florida. On this trip, there were 3 firsts…

1. We met this cutie for the first time! Awwwe, she’s got the best curly hair.

2. We met my parents’ beach house for the first time. (you want to know where the design obsession originated?)

3. My son experienced his first real, extended vacation and we all survived. We even found his name on a building :).

And while busy soaking in the heavenly sunlight, I was out prowling around, camera in hand- sneaking shots of beautiful spaces with a little tropical flare…

What a gem of a stay at this Marriott. Brand new, modern design, really nice rooms, thumbs-up! Very cool lobby, luscious color…

Oh-la-la, this facade in the downtown area caught my eye. Love that little pop of coral on the windows!

I took a peak at Gloria Estefan’s newest resort, Costa d’Este. It has that zen, spa feel with a little Latin groove mixed in. When gently illuminated at night, it becomes magic. The pool and bar area overlook the ocean and you can hear the waves rolling- it’s BEAUTIFUL.

Last but not least, the beach house. In it’s own right, a temple to the Florida my family has always longed for! The place is so darn cute- an impressive display of my mother’s best design work. When you enter, you never want to leave… Don’t they call that good feng shui?

So there’s your December diversion, doesn’t travel do wonders?


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