Look of the Moment- We’re Talking High Contrast!

For a while there, I was hearing a lot of… not too dark, I just don’t want the color too dark. I could barely get people to commit to off white? And then suddenly… as if a lake effect breeze just carried the fear right out of town… everyone is loving this high contrast look.

Off black accent walls have been showing up for some time, but this seems to be a more powerful movement. From subtle earth tones to STARK contrasting wall colors, furniture, artwork- I am impressed!

White shades vs. super dark mystery tones. Almost black shades of brown, red/brown, violet, navy, olive… Then we juxtapose with light furniture and accessories. To finish the look, a few pieces of oversized black and white artwork.

Count me in, I adore the potency!

How about you?

(thank you designshrine.net, The View from 17th and Riggs, House Beautiful, Decor Pad, and Spark for the photos)


3 thoughts on “Look of the Moment- We’re Talking High Contrast!

  1. I love this look, when we renovated our livingroom we put in a gas fireplace and the wall was built out to accomodate it. I painted the entire room in a linen colour to match my Ikea drapes and then used a milk chocolate to paint the fireplace jut out wall. The mantel is white. I love the way it highlights the fireplace. My husband thought I was crazy but when it was done he loved it too. I want to do an accent wall in my daughters room (18) as she wants to do the whole room dark brown but I think one wall would pop and be more effective. Love your blog!

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