Holiday Preview * natural, earthy, wonderment.

Although it’s a bit early, I’ve got holiday decor on my mind all. It is everywhere all of a sudden!

Since my 3 year old has first reached an age in which he can fully emerse in the spirit :), we’ve been keeping our eyes open for the best lights, etc… Watching how he gazes lovingly at some of the most, shall we call them outrageous yard ornamentations? just warms my heart.

He loves the brightly colored lights, the reindeer, etc.., so we will go wild in his bedroom. But his mother on the other hand is OBSESSED with this white light shimmer, natural material, twig-infused, spa green, minimalistic approach.

Here’s goes…

It’s fresh, light, understated, and probably not for everyone- but if you’re a fan, here are some colors to go with the gentle flow.

And for your encore, I couldn’t resist adding my favorite holiday song, to set the mood. Not that one again they might say… well who couldn’t replay this beautiful version. And that voice? Ahhhhhmazing.

(thank you, West Elm,, West Elm,, Design Public, and West Elm for the photos)
(colors by Benjamin Moore)


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