Look of the Moment- We’re Talking High Contrast!

For a while there, I was hearing a lot of… not too dark, I just don’t want the color too dark. I could barely get people to commit to off white? And then suddenly… as if a lake effect breeze just carried the fear right out of town… everyone is loving this high contrast look.

Off black accent walls have been showing up for some time, but this seems to be a more powerful movement. From subtle earth tones to STARK contrasting wall colors, furniture, artwork- I am impressed!

White shades vs. super dark mystery tones. Almost black shades of brown, red/brown, violet, navy, olive… Then we juxtapose with light furniture and accessories. To finish the look, a few pieces of oversized black and white artwork.

Count me in, I adore the potency!

How about you?

(thank you designshrine.net, The View from 17th and Riggs, House Beautiful, Decor Pad, and Spark for the photos)


Holiday Preview * natural, earthy, wonderment.

Although it’s a bit early, I’ve got holiday decor on my mind all. It is everywhere all of a sudden!

Since my 3 year old has first reached an age in which he can fully emerse in the spirit :), we’ve been keeping our eyes open for the best lights, etc… Watching how he gazes lovingly at some of the most, shall we call them outrageous yard ornamentations? just warms my heart.

He loves the brightly colored lights, the reindeer, etc.., so we will go wild in his bedroom. But his mother on the other hand is OBSESSED with this white light shimmer, natural material, twig-infused, spa green, minimalistic approach.

Here’s goes…

It’s fresh, light, understated, and probably not for everyone- but if you’re a fan, here are some colors to go with the gentle flow.

And for your encore, I couldn’t resist adding my favorite holiday song, to set the mood. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jAMwsBPfRIc Not that one again they might say… well who couldn’t replay this beautiful version. And that voice? Ahhhhhmazing.

(thank you oncewed.com, West Elm, craftynest.com, West Elm, thisnext.com, Design Public, and West Elm for the photos)
(colors by Benjamin Moore)

Introducing… Online Consultations!

Dear readers, clients, and friends,

With excitement, we announce, a new feature of the Color Zen blog……..drum roll……..Online Color Consultations! (link on right panel)

Let me start by mentioning, how I truly value visiting clients on-site. An in-home (or in-business) consultation is very personal and complete. I am fortunate to meet with you, get a sense for your lighting, design style, function of rooms, etc… I walk away confident that we’re headed in a great direction.

With that said- I have come to realize, not all clients need an on-site visit. In fact, I have found online consulting to be very effective and rewarding. So let us make it official!

With a little background information and a few photos sent via email to j@paintbycolorzen.com (that’s me :), you are clicks away from answers to your color dilemmas. Perhaps you need starting point suggestions, reassurance that your own paint color selections will work, help choosing accent colors, or assistance coordinating remodel materials.

We can help! Feel confident that you, as an online client are receiving the highest level of care. I will carefully consider your room(s) individually- no computer generated schemes here.

This is a great opportunity for Color Zen llc to reach out nationally and help people choose beautiful paint/decor colors (while taking the stress out of the process). We hope that you will find this service, including easy payment via Paypal, helpful and necessary!

For more information, please visit our Online Consultation Page (http://colorzenblog.blogspot.com/p/iouiuooi.html).

Designer/Business Owner, Color Zen llc

(thank you customwallstencils.com for the wall decal)

shiny, sparkly, pearl… The Heavenesque Room.

I’ve had this look on my mind lately…

It began this summer, after a trip to the Wisconsin Breast Cancer Showhouse– a fund raising event in which select designers remodel and decorate individual rooms within the home (this year a beautiful, historic house on Lake Michigan’s shore).

There was 1 room that just got to me… It was the living room, designed by 2 of Boston Store Furniture Gallery’s (talented) designers. The walls were painted a beautiful gray with a pearl finish. White trim, shiny, mirrored tables… It was just radiating beauty- and I haven’t forgot about it… Wish I had a photo!

In addition, I am currently helping a client color her new home. We are adding a pearl finish to a few rooms as well as a touch of sparkly wallpaper. How fun is that??

So I have shiny, pearl, taupe, gray, violet, sparkly, heavenesque rooms on my mind and I’m trying to put this look into words for you… but I’m struggling.

So, I visit Anthropologie’s website to add some images to the collage (see below), and on their homepage I find the perfect explanation!

I hate to steal their line, but “ethereal elegance” just about says it all. It is super feminine and soft, I don’t believe I could get away with the look in my own home, but for now I’m just admiring!

Here’s a taste…

Wish to add a touch? I’ve got a few ideas for you…

I never did get the sugar plum fairy completely out of my system :) …

(thank you Julian & Ilaria t/a Paintiques, designevolutionblog.com, and Decor Pad for the photos)
(thank you (top row) Jonathan Adler, West Elm, Etsy & (bottom row) Anthropologie, West Elm, Kohls, World Market, for the products)
(colors by Benjamin Moore)