The mouth of your dwelling (a.k.a. the front door).

I’ve always been fascinated by front door color and design. It seems to be as individual as the people who live there- which makes it really interesting (if you’re nosey like me, ha).

In general, the door presents a great opportunity to add some COLOR and style to your exterior. I love a vibrant or very dark, rich, color to contrast a subtle earth-toned facade. The best part? You can experiment, paint, and repaint whenever you feel the urge- it’s a relatively painless day job.

We are all familiar with the classic red door having various origins and meanings. In Feng Shui, a red front door means welcome, good luck and financial abundance. Here are some additional colors and their symbolism according to my delightful, “Feng Shui your life book” (Jayme Barrett)…

pink- love, happiness, uplift
orange- enthusiasm, joy, exuberance
green- harmony, prosperity, healing
yellow- optimism, inspiration, sunshine
gold- wealth, wisdom, luxury
blue- imagination, calm, serenity
violet- intuition, devotion, peace
brown- warmth, practicality, patience
black- strength, elegance, sophistication
white- faith, honesty, grace

Go with the color you love! Here are some beautiful examples, happy Friday readers…

Need some help choosing a door color? Contact me anytime.

(thank you design, Painted Front Door 3, Tar Paper Crane,, Color, Design and Art, Certa Pro Painters, and Apartment Therapy for the photos)


2 thoughts on “The mouth of your dwelling (a.k.a. the front door).

  1. You're quite right! I always explain front door painting and color selection to my customers as "their signature on the house" like that of an artist's name on a canvas. Make it your own!

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