Fall Color.

Isn’t it funny how a change in season seems exciting and new each year?

When I finally get around to putting all the Christmas decorations away (beginning of February!), I say to myself- next year I’m going light on holiday decor! 12 months later, you will find me at Target, ogling over new holiday collections :) Somehow, it just happens…

It has been a lovely, HOT, summer in Wisconsin. Yet as Fall approaches, I’m ready to pull out the first sweater, go pick apples, pumpkins, spice… create the whole scene.

When it comes to color- I’m feeling more inspired than I have been in years! Typically, we think of maple red, green, brown, and orange in Fall, but the colors I’m seeing/loving this year are far more creative! I’m noticing a new color consciousness, breaking away from the norm with unexpected combinations.

Here are Color Zen’s 4 favorites for Fall 2010. Can’t stop looking at them… Hope you enjoy them too!

Photo 1- West Elm, what a luscious bedroom! Suddenly I’m noticing these off black shades, this one is Benjamin Moore almost black. It reminds me to mention, navy blue is back friends! We haven’t seen it in decor for some time. Are you a fan? I’ve always loved navy, but in a fresh, not so nautical way.

Photo 2- Once again, thank you to West Elm for providing visuals, rich enough to make me want to work at your store :) You see the shade, Benjamin Moore chocolate sunday. Brown has been a designer favorite for years, but the rich red/brown is a new take. Can’t get enough of this one. Take a look at Benjamin Moore wenge, another stunner.

Photo 3- Taupe, taupe, taupe. Have been hearing many a mention of this color in the design community. For one, it goes wonderfully with all the violet shades we see. Benjamin Moore brandon beige and Restoration Hardware’s graphite (more of a gray/taupe) are 2 great ones.

Photo 4- Last but not least, ethereal gray/blues… with white trim. Ahhh, so soft. Check out Benjamin Moore silver half dollar and metro gray.

(thank you West Elm, West Elm, Decor Pad, and Sacramento Street for the photos)


4 thoughts on “Fall Color.

  1. Love love love the color on the 4th wall, getting ready to paint my bedroom instinct by benjamin moore – a light blue with gray, so lovely. my bedding is navy and red and slate on white.

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