Our favorite way(s) to bring color together in a room?

Let’s begin with a little
3-1 countdown…

Number 3– PILLOWS. Simple, affordable, readily available. Throw a few on the couch and whalaa– things are already looking up!

Number 2– GOOD LIGHTING. This includes lamps, sconces, pendant lights, don’t even get me started on http://www.seascapelamps.com/ (we will have to post on these), any light that doesn’t have a blinding light bulb, and please promise me you will remove all brass, builder grade fixtures immediately- you are way too good for those!

So that brings us to lucky number 1– AREA RUGS! Go big, bold, and beautiful people. There are so many fantastic designs out there, I admittedly spent 5 times longer than I should, bringing you the best visuals, so you could possibly get as much enjoyment looking as I did searching :)

An area rug can do wonders, especially in a large room like the living area. Choose something that incorporates wall color, makes sense with your furniture, artwork, etc… It may take you a few tries to get it right! It’s difficult to settle on one design, I’ve looked for years for my own living room. Many online stores have great return policies and even pick-up at your door. So I would encourage you to try a few options.

The best part- versatility! You can throw that puppy over any flooring- wood floors, tile, or not so cool carpeting that the little ones spilled juice all over (oh wait, that’s my house).

Let’s get started with some photo inspiration and move into the encore, Color Zen picks! with coordinating paint colors to get you thinking…

and Color Zen picks!, paint colors by Benjamin Moore

Find anything you must have? Or need some help coordinating an area rug? Contact me anytime.

(thank you Decor Pad, hubpages.com, Decor Pad, chickgeekdesigns.com, Decor Pad and perfectarearugs.com for the photos)

(and links to the rugs, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 )


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